March Madness!

Jennifer Yim March Madness

ELITE would like to take the time to congratulate some of the teams from our local markets that made it to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.


As an alumnus of UT, our CEO is a little bummed out that the Longhorns were knocked out in the first round. Chad played as QB for them way back when, and was hoping to see his Alma Mater take it to the finals in Men’s Basketball.

Other shout outs in the Texas Market go to Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor.


From the Arizona Market where we have our corporate office, we would like to congratulate the Arizona Wildcats on making the tournament (“Fight! Wildcats! Fight!“).

Unfortunately they were also knocked out in the first round.


Louisville, Kentucky – our newest market, houses fans and alumni of the Cardinals and the Wildcats.

University of Kentucky Coach John Caliper

Louisville did not make the tournament this year and we wish them better luck in 2017. The University of Kentucky had a great chance at advancing deep into the tourney but their biggest rival, the Hoosiers, knocked them out in round two.

There’s Always Next Year

ELITE supports the NCAA and all of the young professionals. We would like to wish all of our Alma Maters and local universities the best of luck next season (we are rooting for you UNLV, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Louisville!!)


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