Countdown to the Big Game-Top 6 Essentials to Have a Great Game Day Party!

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The Big Game is less than a week away. If you’re planning on hosting a viewing party at your house or a public venue, there are a few pre-planning essentials that you will need to keep in mind. Below you’ll find a list of the top 6 big game essentials that we consider when planning a game day party.

A Giant Screen

It is important to have a screen big enough for everyone at the party to watch the game without any hassle. An even better option would be to have multiple screens. In that case, make sure the screens are synched perfectly. High definition LED, OLED, LCD TV’s are great for close up viewing and intimate lounge type seating. Large format projection will turn a large space into the coolest viewing party.

Tech Tip:consider how many guests you might have and make sure there is a great view from every seat in the house.

Venue/Viewing Area

It is important to select a spacious venue with comfortable seating for you and your guests. The enjoyment quotient of the game can get hampered if a person is uncomfortable during the game.

Tech Tip: consider the viewing angle. Not all Screens can be viewed from the side. Make sure everyone can see the game clearly.


Bring the sound of the stadium into the venue for your party. This may require some subwoofers to really bring out the low end. With all the drinking and laughing and eating, the sound should be able to carry over the noise but not be too loud for the crowd to be able to chat and have fun. Last year I even saw a speaker in the restroom, lobby and smoking area.

Tech Tip: A full range sound system that is evenly distributed throughout the seating area can help bring the game right into your room.

Game Day Snacks and Beverages.

With viewing of The Big Game comes snacking. Finger foods such as chicken fingers, sliders, chips/dip, and anything similar would be ideal. This makes it easier for your guests to enjoy snacking without distracting them from the game. Finger foods are also beneficial for the clean-up, as all you would need is paper plates and napkins. Have specialty dishes dedicated to the team’s home town to add a special touch. You need to have a wide assortment of drinks as well. Beer does it for most people during the big game, however different brands would best suit all of your guests. Also have some liquor and mixers available as well as fruit juices and sodas. Creating two specialty cocktails based off of the participating teams adds a nice and personalized touch. See the two links below for drink recipe examples!

Denver Broncos Cocktail & Carolina Panther Punch

Team Jersey/Team Colors

Some of us are lucky enough to have our own team playing in the Big Game. Even if they aren’t, it is important to proudly represent your team! Regardless of how close they were in the playoffs. Team t-shirts and hats are a good alternative should you not own a jersey. Try using the team’s colors when picking color schemes for decorations.

Tech Tip: Team color Uplighting and Gobos cut to the shape of the teams helmet and logo, are two easy ways to create a competitive, equally balanced, high energy party look. Adding lighting control can be really fun. Being able to control the lights to flash the teams colors and strobing around the room everytime they score will bring a new level of excitement to the game.

Party Games

There’s something about the big game that brings out the competitive spirit in everyone. Tap into the competitive mood of your guests by offering games and activities that they can participate in during halftime or before the game. A few examples of fun party games are betting on squares, hosting a raffle prize give-away, or even setting up a “Vegas Style Sports Betting” parlay game.

Tech Tip: Don’t bet the house.

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